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FPH Lighting, a 6000 m² factory and over 150 workers, with a full range of machinery and equipment, including YAMAHA SMT machine, reflow welding machine, PCB automatic welding machine, automatic wire welding machine, goniophotometer, integrated sphere, constant temperature and humidity chamber and many other facilities and test equipment.


Solder Paste Printing

The Solder Paste Printing, on a printed circuit board, is the most commonly used method in the electronics manufacturing industry today. It consists in connecting electronic components to the printed circuit through a reflow.

Solder Paste Printing is the basis for the quality of soldering on the printed circuit. The position of the solder paste and the amount of tin are important. It has often been seen that if the solder paste is not printed well, it can cause short circuits and hollow solder.


SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a method of attaching a computer chip to a PCB by soldering the chip to the surface of the board rather than into the holes made on the circuits, as in the past.

The SMT solution offers several advantages:

  • small size; 
  • faster assembly; 
  • possibility of mounting on both sides of the circuit;
  • reduction of problems caused by the large distance between traditional components and the PCB (printed circuit). 
Reflow Soldering

Reflow Soldering is a process in which a solder paste (a mixture of tin powder and flux) is used to temporarily fix one or more electrical components to their contact points, after which the entire assembly is subjected to controlled heat, which melts the alloy and permanently welds the components.

Reflow Soldering today is able to provide the highest quality solders that meet the standards required by advanced electronic products.

Inspection After Reflow Soldering

The After Soldering Inspection is the most critical of all inspections carried out during the assembly process.

The inspection is very important to check and eliminate any problems on the assembled PCB before it is shipped, as well as to evaluate the general condition and quality of the assembled board.

The final inspection requires a well trained inspector and that is why we continuously train our operators.

PCB Soldering

PCB soldering (which stands for Printed Circuit Board) is another term for the process of soldering electrical circuits.

Sometimes the skill of rework technicians is required to correctly position and solder solder parts on a board. Special parts that do not easily adapt to the automated welding process are generally candidates for manual welding.

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