FPH-Italy - HIGH QUALITY LED strips - Vicenza Italy

LED Strips for food


LED strips for food are strips designed specifically for lighting the food sector.

Composed of SMD 2835 chips, they can be of 5 types:

  • 5000K Fruits and Vegetables: Pure white light best reflects the colors and brilliance of vegetables.
  • Fish and Seafood 4020K: This white light shade has a strong contrast effect that allows seafood to shine and be fresher. Lighting also suitable for sushi.
  • Fresh meat 3100K: Its color tending slightly to pink highlights the colors of the meat and makes it look fresher and more palatable.
  • Bread and leavened products 2500K: The warm color temperature makes the baked goods more golden and attractive, giving the feeling that they have just been baked.
  • 1900K special meat: unlike fresh meat, beef, ham and others special meats need a warmer light, this shade makes these inviting to the eye.

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