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Customization OEM-ODM

In addition to the products available on our CATALOG, it is possible on request, depending on the customer’s preferences, to design the “Technical Aspects” together and / or customize the LED Strips with your LOGO.
It is possible to customize:


Depending on the projects you need to create, we can supply LED strips with completely different size PCBs


Color temperature refers to how hot or how cold a light is.
This greatly affects the mood and general atmosphere of an environment for
this is recommended to rely on a professional to choose the most suitable light.


In addition to the single-color LED strips we can customize LED strips
RGB or RGB + white
creating strips colored leds to respond too to the most demanding requests.


Each environment needs a precise amount of light. Precisely for this reason we can customize LED strips according to quantity
bright you need


The color rendering index (CRI) yes refers to how much a light faithfully reproduces the real color of an object. Led Solution, as per
legislation in force since September 2021, guarantees a CRI> 90 on all
its LED strips.

The new Eco-Design 2021 directive (https://www.assil.it/Ecodesign_144) which will come into force throughout the European Union from 1 September 2021, provides for much higher quality standards than current standards: minimum CRI> 90, 150 Lumen / W. Our LED strips are already compliant with the legislation.

OEM products are items with a custom design, but made with standard components.
The ODM products factory products with custom brand.

For any information, do not wait to contact our Customer Service, it will be available to listen to your needs.